More recent information posted

The web site has been revised.

  1. New materials have been included in the slide set
  2. The slide set can be used as YouTube and in downloaded as well as searchable PDF
  3. There are two new sections; sample forms and links
    1. Sample forms include;

i.     CPT routing slip

ii.     PQRS form

iii.     Sample Forms as well as Interactive Complexity information embedded in

–        Psychotherapy

–        Psychiatric Interview

–        Neurobehavioral Status Exam

–        Testing

4. Links have been updated

APA Presentations next week in HI include;

Saturday, 8.3, 9-10 am

Effects of Recent Changes to the CPT System and National Health Care Legislation on the Practice of Neuropsychology

Room 313C Convention Center

Sunday, 8.4, 9-10

Advocacy for Health Care Reform in Neuropsychology

Room 303A Convention Center